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Espelette… an international reputation

Known worldwide for its famous pepper, Espelette is also a village not to be missed in the Basque Country for its typical architecture of the Labourd province, with its shimmering white facades with red or green half-timbering, on which the strings of the precious condiment are proudly displayed.

Espelette shelters several remarkable buildings classified as historical monuments of which the Castle of the Barons of Ezpeleta and the church Saint Etienne dating from the XVIIth century. With With its bell tower, its traditional wooden galleries, its magnificent baroque altarpiece and its entirely painted ceilings, it is considered one of the most beautiful churches in the Basque Country.

The double proximity of the ocean and the mountains, allied to the mildness of the temperatures, offers to Espelette the ideal micro-climate for the culture of the pepper. But it is above all the ancestral know-how of its producers, passed down from generation to generation, that has allowed them to obtain the precious label of Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée in 2000, which makes the Ezpeletars proud.

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“You who come to share our blonde light
and sit at the feast of changing horizons
enter only with your heart, do not bring anything from the world
And don’t tell what people say.”


Espelette… a gentle way of life

The village of Espelette is characterized above all by its quietness and peaceful environment.

It is one of the few villages in the Basque Country that is pedestrianized. You will be able to stroll quietly in its colorful streets, admire its picturesque facades, discover its architectural heritage and stroll serenely between two tastings of regional products. It’s hard to resist the numerous gastronomic specialties that are offered to you without moderation: cheeses, sausages, Basque cakes, chocolates and peppers of course!

Espelette… a paradise for hikers

Espelette is at the heart of a large number of medium mountain hiking trails, including the famous GR10. Climbing Mondarrain or Artzamendi offers a breathtaking view of the entire Basque Country!

While walking along the Basque paths, one frequently comes across pottoks (small horses) and betizu (cows), wild animals typical of the Basque Country and living entirely in freedom, which is unique in France.

We have many guides to the marked trails of the Basque Country and will be happy to advise you on our favorite hikes.

To be explored on foot… or mountain bike… or even with donkeys…

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1270 Itsasuko Errebidea road
64250 Espelette

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